Healthy, delicious office delivery. No catch.

Free Delivery.
No Minimum Spend.
Straight to your office.
Lunch Team pairs up with your city's best health food restaurants to provide Free lunch delivery, straight to your company's office.

How it Works...

You are wooed by our offer and your company signs up.

Employees pick their lunch from a fantastic lineup of rotating restaurants.

Your food is delivered to reception (no delivery fee, no minimums). Everyone rejoices

Reasons why you might use this Service...

You have a specialized diet.

You crave better tasting, quality lunches.

Don't have time to pack a lunch.

You can exercise knowing lunch will be waiting.

You hate standing around in lunch queues.

Working furiously on a project, and you just can't stop.

The sun is shining and you want to head to the park.

The heavens have opened and you can't go out